2022 - 5photo Award Festival, Tehran, Iran

2022 - Fadjr International Festival of Theatre Photography, Tehran, Iran

2020 - Solo exhibition, In search of the stage, Gallerie Radin, Machhad, Iran

2019 - Group exhibition, Gallerie 21, Paris, France

2017 - Festival of Tasvir E Sal, Tehran, Iran

2017 - Group exhibition 26+3, Machhad, Iran

2017 - Festival of Theatre of Machhad, Iran

2016 - Festival of théâtre de la ville, Tehran, Iran

2015 - Fadjr International Festival of Theatre Photography, Tehran, Iran

2015 - Group exhibition of theatre photography, Machhad, Iran

Photographer, Interior Designer

Vahid AMANPOUR GHARAEI was born in 1984 in Mashhad, IRAN. He is a member of the Iranian Association of Theater Photographers.

Graduated in Architecture, in 2013 he started photography next to Hamed AMANPOUR, the writer and theater director, in the theaters of Mashhad. One year later, his photo was selected by photography competition of the 33rd Fadjr International Theater Festival.

In 2019, he held his first solo exhibition at Radin Gallery in Mashhad, after participationg in several theater photography group exhibitions.

In 2017, he left to Paris to continue his studies in Interior Design, also he tried to continue the theater photography there.

Meeting and cooperation with Kirill Serebrennikov, and photography of his theater, Le Moine Noir, in March 2023, in Paris, is his most important experience in recent years.

According to him, the creative theater photographer works as a member of the theater group, from group rehearsals to the final performance.